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Introduction to Thumbnailer.exe

This is a small utility that will create thumbnails out of a set of PNG or JPEG files. It will also create a basic webpage showing the thumbnails.

v1.0 — 2001/08/15 — First release.
v1.1 — 2001/08/22 — Now also reads ReadOnly files and Archive files. Corrected bug in the installer (missing header/footer files).
v1.3 — 2001/09/13 — Better error recovery in case of damaged file.
v1.4 — 2002/05/02 — Two display options. Minor internal stuff.
v1.6 — 2002/09/24 — Also prints out image dimensions and file size. Corrected greyscale image bug. Warning: introduced an unwanted 'feature' for debugging purpose that I forgot to remove... DO NOT USE THIS VERSION.
v1.7 — 2002/09/27 — Corrected previous bug, corrected handling of palleted PNG images, corrected non-working minimum size for images.
v1.8 — 2003/01/09 — Pics now open in separate window. Added table presentation.
v1.9 — 2019/06/11 — Published the source code on gitlab (find the Thumbnailer source code there).

User interface of Thumbnailer.exe


The program is (I hope) quite simple to use:

And at the end, what do you get ? A page like this one or this one or the two shown below.

Note 1: Options are saved in the registry.

Note 2: OK, so you like this program but you want more options ? More batch processing ability ? They try the excellent freeware IrfanView.

Note 3: You can customize the html file created after its creation, of course, but you can also modify the header and the footer beforehand (add stylesheet, text above or below the thumbnails...). Just edit the files head.html and foot.html which are in the program directory.

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Note: PNG code based on LIBPNG public library
LIBPNG uses the ZLIB library

This freeware written with LabWindows/CVI.