Computer Section:
Freeware, Source Code and Hacks

"A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy."    — Joseph Campbell

If you came here looking for cracks, you're in the wrong place, all I have is some freeware, some source code and computer tips.

Operating Systems
Besides using PCs, I also had to install OS-X on some Macs. Not as easy a task as most Mac users would admit, so I compiled some notes and put them online.
My first contact with Unix at the University was pretty traumatic, but now I'm a relatively clueless sysadmin on SGI machines using IRIX. Here are a few notes about the OS.
First some notes about Windows' best freeware progs and also how to use Linux variants at the same time than you use Windows: Linux is the best freeware you can put on Windows !!! And if you think your machine is not fast enough, here are some notes on how to build a 24-processors OpenMosix Linux Cluster. Also for minimal footprint, I've worked on getting Linux on embedded devices. And to get advanced mouse configuration on Linux. Also a short review of the HP Spectre XT with Linux on it.
Gadgets Reviews and some scripts for the HTC Hero phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2, the LG G3, the Archos 50d Oxygen and the Sony PRS-600 eBook reader.
Web Nowadays our mailboxes are filled up with Spam messages. Fortunately some people are trying to do things about it, this is my modest contribution. Also some notes on how to fight adds on web pages as well as popup/popunder pages.

If you are a webmaster, here's a page on analyzing search engine queries that led to your site with a simple shell script (both Unix and Windows).

Not necessarily related to computers, I've just added a page of Book reviews and a hardhack to convert a Renault Kangoo or a Peugeot Partner into a comfortable camping car.

Graphics Several of the tools and scripts below deal with processing of image files. In addition to this there's my review of RAW file processors, a script for scanning Kodak discs and a page about how to use a Spyder3 to calibrate your monitor on Linux.
Programming I've long had a page with tips and tricks and code samples for LabWindows/CVI and more recently I started teaching a Newtraining course for LabWindows/CVI.
Freeware My main job is to write programs, which is usually safer than going climbing but much more boring. Although debugging assembler code standing outside in Antarctica certainly qualifies as extreme programming... A couple of those programs are useful and reliable enough to have made it as freeware, and I've put stars (0..***) to indicate how good I think they are and how often I use them: