About my pictures

"Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film."    — Stephen Wright.
On this page:

I, Guillaume Dargaud, am the author of all the photographs present on this web site (with a few noted exceptions). Some of the background drawings come from the Sharp End Graphics Page or the Microsoft Clip Art gallery. For the satellite NOAA pictures the Copyright is somewhat vague, it was supposed to be public access, but the rules changed in 2000. With a few noted exceptions, all the JPGs are mine and here's what you can do with them:

Right: A penguin taking a pause for a photographer

On the lighter side, several people asked me recently to use my penguin pictures for misc Linux related activities (themes, ads...). That's fine, I'm getting to use Linux more and more myself when reliability is on the line (Gentoo and Knoppix) and it battles the forces of Evil (although I still use Win2000 for day to day activity). Just let me know about what you do with the pics.

Slide shows

I am currently available for slide shows in France (in Lyon or Paris) or Italy (Rome). I can do the shows in English, French and Italian (with an accent). Here are the currently available shows:

ShowYearNb of slidesDurationComment
Winter over in Dumont d'Urville, Antarctica19933001h30A must not miss for everybody.
Expedition to Dome C, high Antarctic plateau199715045 minutes
Tasmania animals, hiking and biking1992 & 199410030 minutesUsually shown with the New Zealand pictures.
New-Zealand, mountain climbing199410045 minutes
New-Zealand 2, mountain climbing20001501 hour
Alaska, animals and climbing199515045 minutes
Utah, rock-climbing20018030 minutes
Yosemite, rock climbing19955030 minutes
Ecuador, mountain climbing19945020 minutesUsually shown with the Peru pictures
Peru, mountain climbing199615050 minutesA must not miss for climbers
Central pillar of Freney, Chamonix, mountain climbing19985030 minutes
Sarek, Sweden, mountain skiing199910050 minutes
Cho-Oyu, Tibet, high altitude mountaineering.200125090 minutesIncludes some slides of Tibet and Nepal
North American Classics, rock climbing200318090 minutes