Phytron MCC-1 motion controller library and test programs

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It's always a bummer where there's equipment that's been around since forever, and not a single official API for it, or even decent open-source libraries. The offical program is windows-only and honestly sucks. Part of the documentation still has german words in the middle. So here's a piece of C code that implements most functions.

Features: Quite a few things are implemented: motion of course, but also reset, various statuses, types of zero and initiators, power stages, free running, parameters getting and setting, etc... There's a Makefile and 2 test programs, simply run them with -h for help. It communicates via ethernet. I had to do quite a bite of reverse-engineering of MiniLog-comm with wireshark in order to get some things to work properly, in particular it's sometimes difficult to get the device to require its IP address via DHCP. There are notes about that at the begining of the source code.

Limitations: the current system is configured for a single axis (MCC-1) but shouldn't be too hard to modify for multiple axes (MCC-2). Also it can work with or without encoder. I've used it on a ZSS 25.200.1,2 motor with an HEDL-5540-A14 encoder and a GPL026-2 46:1 or I-GPL26-4Lp gearing.

ANSI C (Linux)
First version
Phytron MCC-1 source code published on gitlab and open-sourced with GPLv3.