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"None of the books or photographs studied before leaving home had even slightly prepared me for such majesty. Truly this is something that does have to be seen to be believed, and that once seen must be continually yearned for when left behind, becoming as incurable a fever of the spirit as malaria is of the body."    — Dervla Murphy upon seeing the Himalaya.
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The Photo Archive CDs

Photo Archive CDs

There are now two CDs of Antarctic images and three CDs of mountain and rock climbing. You can find more information on the content of the CDs and the permitted use here. Including shipping and royalty-free use

[US$140] Antarctic Photo Archive CD 1. The CD contains 390 pictures at 2820dpi.

[US$140] Antarctic Photo Archive CD 2. The CD contains 250 pictures at 4000dpi.

[US$140] Antarctic Photo Archive CD 3. The CD contains 360 pictures at 4000dpi.

[US$140] Climbing Photo Archive CD 1. The CD contains 265 pictures mostly at 4000dpi: Alaska, Chamonix, Cho-Oyu, Ecuador, Italy, New Zealand, Nepal, various, Peru, Sarek, Tasmania and Tibet.

[US$140] Climbing Photo Archive CD 2. The CD contains 260 pictures mostly at 4000dpi: California, Colorado, Dakota, other US states and Yosemite.

[US$140] Climbing Photo Archive CD 3. The CD contains 294 pictures mostly at 4000dpi: Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

[US$140] Climbing Photo Archive CD 4. The CD contains 250 pictures mostly at 4000dpi: Australia, New Zealand and Oisans...

[US$140] Climbing Photo Archive CD 5. The CD contains 230 pictures mostly from 8 to 30MPix: Corsica, Ice Climbing, Landscape, Mountain skiing, Nature, Rock Climbing, Spain, Various...

Note: For the whole thing, 3 Antarctic CDs and 5 Climbing CDs, just purchase 7 of them. I'll send you the 8th one free.

The EmperorChick poster


[US$140] Poster of emperor penguin with chick. This is a 76x114cm (30x45") poster print on photographic paper.

The EmperorsWithChicks poster

[US$140] Poster of emperor penguins with their chicks. This is a 76x114cm (30x45") poster print on photographic paper.


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