Installation notes on Mac OS X

"Mac users swear by their Mac,
PC users swear at their PC."
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Merging two Operating Sytems into one is an amazing software engineering feat... but it comes with huge burdens. Basically, if you don't know a lot about Mac OS and Unix, you won't go much further than a very basic installation. It's called Mac-OS X, which I like to pronounce 'Oh Sex'; it should have been called Beta 3 (or more). And it's slow, oh so slow... And the funniest thing of all is to see all the Mac geeks who for a decade where making fun of other OSes primitive user interfaces ('you still have to type commands ?'), are now typing unix commands and loving it...

Obsolete Warning: those notes below applied mainly to the beta version of OS-X and version 10.0 to 10.2. I don't currently use a Mac so I haven't kept up with the latests advances of the OS. Use at your own risk.

Installing MacOS X
(takes about 2 hours)

Mac G4
  1. Fetch off everything user needs from Mac HD.
  2. tar up their directory and move it off (or use ZipIt)
  3. Install/upgrade Mac OS 9.1 from new CD
  4. Do any firmware upgrades ( Press the [Programmer's key] on the right of the Mac during reboot.
  5. Reboot again pressing the 'C' key with the OS-X CD in. Install OS-X but do not wipe the disk
  6. Configure IP, DNS, email...
  7. Reboot with CD in and reset the admin password while in the installer.
  8. Log in as whoever is admin.
  9. Run [System Pref][Software Update][Manual Update] to get 1.3.1, 10.01, 10.02... Possibly rebooting between them.
  10. Go to [system prefs] and:
  11. Install printers in [Utilities][Print Center], either as AppleTalk (4500, 45502) or as LPR using IP (ariane, wetprint).
  12. Install TinkerTool and allow (?) full access (at least time to finish installing X-windows).
  13. Install Development Tools (?)
  14. Get rid of antialiased characters (where do they get those stupid ideas at Apple ?!?): edit (or create) ~/.OpenStep/environment and add "QDTEXT_ANTIALIASING=0;QD_MINSIZE=18;"

Unix Stuff
(takes about 1 hour)

  1. In /etc/hostconfig, change hostname (full DNS name) and router (IP address).
  2. "mkdir /Users/UserName/rainUsers; mkdir /Users/UserName/raid; mkdir /Users/UserName/data1"
  3. Abilitate NFS to MainUnixMachine:
  4. Install Xtools and configure it for Xdm.
  5. (Optional) Install X-Windows

Other programs
(takes about 2 hour)

  1. MacOSX programs don't like to be moved. Need to install them.
  2. Install Developer.pkg from the Development CD (takes about 20 frigging minutes !).
  3. Install Fink from the official site. "tar zxvf Fink...; cd ...; ./bootstrap" and fill in the blanks. Add "source /sw/bin/init.csh" to ~/.cshrc
  4. Use Fink to install whatever library is useful: "fink install zlib; fink install libpng; fink install libjpeg; fink install windowmaker" (if this does not work, you can try installing Xtools first), "fink install nedit; fink install fvwm"... Note that there are several issues (ie: bugs) when installing fink packages.
  5. Install Framemaker, Office, Illustrator, Buy at Amazon.comPhotoShop...
  6. Convert user email from Outlook Express / Netscape to Mail using the following script.