Newport XPS-RL motion controller library and test programs

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The original API for the ESP-301 motion controller was simple, but the XPS-RL got must tougher by having a real-time OS and no explicit API documentation. Fortunately a C++ API was available, which I simplified here for use in C.

Features: Things are kept to a minimum. The only calls are to start the motors, move and set speed and acceleration, but it should be easy enough to carry on with that. There's a Makefile and 2 test programs, simply run them with -h for help. It communicates via ethernet.

Limitations: the current system is configured for a URS100BPP rotation table and a BGS80PP goniometer set on the same group. It's probably easy to adapt to other types of motors. At the begining of the source code, there's an explanation how it was reverse-engineered from a mix of C++ code and wireshark intercepts.

ANSI C (Linux)
First version
C_Newport_XPS-RL source code published on gitlab and open-sourced with GPLv3.