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Latest News Jennifer Mariani... heu I mean Dargaud Jennifer Mariani [+]
I'm late in putting up last winter's pics, but here's the climbing trip to Taghia, Morocco.
Not doing things in order, but after 2 months of climbing in the sun, I resumed my skiing season for no less than Mt Blanc on skis.
I put up a webcam inside a birdhouse to try and film a bird making its nest. I did not get the expected result...
A mythical face: the north face of Mt Granier.
Mariage de Cecile & Ghani.
Some heavy modifications (HTML5, CSS, simplified JS, removed IE specific crap, general spell check) to the underbelly of the site to improve the presentation. I probably broke a lot of things in the process...
Climbing and mountain biking in Sardinia.
Simplified the site for Android/iPhone/Kindle.
February 2013
A small script for managing movie files.
Some dry climbing and tough ice climbing near home, more ice climbing at La Grave.
Old pictures of two C130 crashes at D59.
Short review of the HP Spectre XT with Linux on it.
And now for a big surprise to be found among the pictures of our 2nd trip to Spain or the Diois.
Summer skiing on the Etendard.
The south face of La Meije.
There's a very good reason why there haven't been many updates to the website lately...
January 2014
Removed ssl (https) from the server, too much of a drag to maintain.
Avalanche wipeout.
New LG G3 phone review.
New New