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Latest News Jennifer Mariani... heu I mean Dargaud Jennifer Mariani [+]
Oct 2017
Upgraded server. Re-added ssl (https), properly this time. In the process of cleaning some internal code, let me know if there are bugs.
New Wiko UPulse and View 32 phone reviews.
En français Notre chalet à Lans-en-Vercors est disponible en location saisonière.
En français Je propose une formation LabWindows depuis qq années dont voici le plan de cours.
The contact form had been broken since a recent server upgrade. It's now fixed. If you tried sending us messages in the months before that, try again; and sorry about that.
May 2019
Back to the USA for some climbing, hiking and camping, in family.
Moved most of my source code and code samples to gitlab and currently working on open-sourcing my freeware.
En français Article sur les accidents de C130
Source code for various instruments: an Ocean Insight Spectrometer, a Keithley 6485 Pico-ammeter , a Phytron MCC-1 motor controller and a Newport XPS-RL motor controller.
October 2021
Yeah, I know new pages have become rare, but here's some sea canoeing in Croatia.
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