Keithley 6485 pico-ammeter C library and test programs

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The Keithley 6485 pico-ammeter should be a straightforward instrument to program for, as it uses standard SCPI commands over serial, but indeed it has lots of quirks.

Features: Things are kept to a minimum. The only calls are to init the device, read the current and set range and rate, but it should be easy enough to carry on with that. There's a Makefile and 2 test programs, simply run them with -h for help. It communicates via serial port. The code most likely works on similar models, but I haven't tested it.

Limitations: Plenty, in particular pay attention to auto-zero and similar features if you want to do quick readings.

ANSI C (Linux)
First version
C_Newport_XPS-RL source code published on gitlab and open-sourced with GPLv3.