Prophetic french comics from the 60s about year 2000 airports and terrorism...

"In an age of terrorism, in the age of the Patriot Act — when law enforcement officials have a valid reason to confiscate box cutters, corkscrews or nail clippers, we're going to make assault weapons legal again. It simply boggles the mind."    — Michael D. Barnes.

Reiser about airports, page 5/5:
Airplanes are dangerous, Cars too, Bikes are tiring...
Travel in Kangaroo

Jean-Marc Reiser (1941-1983) was a french Buy at Amazon.comcomics author who had his too short career in the 60s and 70s cut down by illness. He had a very crude humor illustrated by simple sketches, touching mainly society, political and sexual issues. He was an ecologist living in a solar house much before it was in fashion and a supporter of feminism long before the term 'politically correct' was made up. His favorite targets were stupidity, soldiers or anyone wearing a uniform, racism, religions and, always, politicians. Always insightful and straight to the point, he inspired generations of comics writers and still is one of my fave writer.

In light of the recent august 2006 airport throes, I've taken the liberty to translate those 4 prophetic pages taken from the album "Vive Les Vacances". Remember this was published in the 60s...

Reiser about airports, page 1/5:
Air Cra-cra
Some companies propose flights US-Europe for no more than a 100$
Cheaper than a train...
No mystery here, when a large modern airplane is full.
(high density)
Its fuel use is less than 3l/km, cheaper than a compact car.
NY-London, 10000km, 300l of fuel per passenger 
100$ per passenger
Not bad
An airline has many expenses: - reservations - agencies - advertisement - on board extras.
Our company will be much cheaper.
Only the first ones will board the airplane.
The others will wait for the next flight.
Can't complain for this price.
No more on-flight food,
It sucked anyway.
Tight against one-another, will travel only those who really want to...
Bring your own booze, no movie but a lot of fun.
If it works, we'll go even further by removing the seats and the bathrooms. We'll save a lot of room and weight, carry 20% more passengers and make more money.
Next step: some straw on the ground, that's all, Pee and shit like in a barn
No more cute hostesses, just a big thug with a stick and a pit-bull to keep passengers in check.
On destination, no more cleanup team necessary, just sell the manure to a local farmer. Saves some extra money.
Sure that'll be a big hit with young people who: - have no money - no constraints - plenty of time to lose - don't care about comfort - are ecologists

Reiser about airports, page 2/5: Strip-search.
They search you everywhere now: at the border, in airports, coming out of the supermarket, sometimes even at the mall, before entering a british pub, before entering an italian court.
After the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age, the petroleum age, here's the stripsearch age.
- It's not like we like it...
For sure... For the first time in history, cops are gonna get calluses on their hands !

Reiser about airports, page 3/5:
- Excuse me, is that the airport ?
- 'you blind or what ?
There are still idiots to believe that the year 2000 airport will look like this...
Only one solution to terrorism in airplanes: have everyone travel naked and without luggage.
- Hello Miss.
- Welcome aboard, sir.
- Welcome, sir
They'll still need to search. And to search they need cops...
- Carrying a rocket launcher by any chance ?
- Me ? No, why ?
And you won't improve things by putting more cops...

Reiser about airports, page 4/5:
The more cops there are, the meaner they get
- We should check it out...
- Sure, go ahead
And the meaner they are, the less discipline they show
- It's you turn
- Sorry but You've more seniority
And the less discipline they show, the more they argue.
- So I'm giving you an order: check it out
- I'm not here to touch terrorists' dicks
And the more they argue, the bitter they get
- So if there's an attack, it'll be your fault         
- For what I'm being paid...
- So what do I do ?
- If you don't want to use your hands, at least give it a kick
- OK, this I can do
And the bitter they are, the more violent they become
- No light in sight at the end of the tunnel